Sri. Hari Khoday

Slide Industrialist, Philanthropist, Litterateur & Film Maker Sri. Hari Khoday
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Sri Srihari L. Khoday

Industrialist, Philanthropist, Litterateur & Film Maker

26th April 1939 to 31st October 2016.

Respectfully, Lovably, Popularly & Proudly known as “YAJAMAN” SRIHARI KHODAY MAMA JI. He was an Iconic visionary-tycoon, who had made a great name in Business & Industries throughout Karnataka, India & Abroad. Then the Managing Director of Khoday Group of Industries. He was a spirited social activist known for his philanthropic achievements.

Sri Laxmanasa Khoday and Smt. Gangamma had seven children. Sri Ramachandrasa Khoday, Sri Narayanasa Khoday, Sri SriHari Khoday, Sri Anantha Padmanabhasa Khoday and Sri Swamysa Khoday. Smt. Lakshmidevi and Smt. Gowramma being their daughters.
Sri Srihari Khoday was born on 26th April 1939. Srihari Khoday had love of two mothers, Smt Gangamma & Smt Parvathi Bai. Since Parvathi Bai had no children, she took care of Srihari Khoday as her own son.

Sri. Hari Khoday Ji always had great affection towards his grandfather Sri Khoday Eshwarsa. Sri. Hari Khoday was influenced by his grandfather, who used to narrate a lot of inspiring stories including Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana.

He always advised Sri. Hari Khoday on simplicity, kindness and to get deeply involved in all activities. He used to make him understand not to differentiate between small and big works and to consider every work equally.

He used to emphasize “Work is God.”

Once Srihari Khoday met his Holiness Shree Kanchi Kamakoti Swamyji. Swamyji predicted that Srihari Khoday would build a temple in future. He was surprised by this prediction. After a few years, Srihari Khoday happened to know about a historic temple submerged inside the KRS dam. It was summer and the water level was so low that dilapidated temple was visible. As his curiosity grew, he visited dam site ‘Kannambadi’ and saw the dilapidated temple. He instantly decided to rebuild this shrine to its glory. He took permissions from the Government and planned for the immediate course of action. He arranged for the photographs so as to construct temple in the same way. Each and every stone was marked and numbered. He selected a suitable place for rebuilding the temple.

Bhoomi pooja was performed and the work started. This ancient temple was removed and shifted stone by stone. Srihari Khoday spent most of his time in a day in dismantling the left-overs. Within 13 days, the mammoth task of shifting was accomplished to satisfaction passionately. He planned the construction of this monument standing today, inch by inch with his full heart and soul.
Like a penance he dedicated a valuable decade and to his gratification the mammoth structure was standing at its best. The magnificent Sri Venugopal swamy temple is set beside the Kaveri river bank with lovely scenic beauty to adore. People from parts of the country cherish this temple shrine every day.


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